Rebellious rescue dog steals the show at Crufts with hilarious performance

Kratu the rescue dog was the star of the show, with his rebellious actions gaining him lots of fans. Source: Twitter/ Crufts

A rebellious rescue pooch has stolen the hearts of people across the globe after giving a hilariously entertaining performance at the world famous dog show Crufts.

Kratu, a Carpathian-Mioritic mix, took to the stage over the weekend for his farewell performance before he retires to become a therapy dog – and the loveable canine certainly went out with a bang, leaving many in tears of laughter and joy as he completed the course in his own unique way.

Instead of carefully jumping over poles and running through tunnels, as is the norm at Crufts, Kratu decided to have some fun and, in a video posted to the Crufts Twitter page, the adorable dog could be seen completely ignoring his owner’s signals, avoiding jumps altogether and sniffing out the area at his leisure.

The most hilarious moment came when Kratu’s owner led him to one of the jumps though, as instead of leaping over the obstacle, he instead picked up the pole in his mouth and proudly carried it away.

Clearly confused by what was playing out in front of him, one of the show’s commentators could be heard saying: “Excuse me, now that is definitely against the rules. I promise you, I’m a judge, and that is clearly against the rules.”

“That has to be a few faults that,” he added. “It actually has to be the first time I have seen a dog take a chunk out of an obstacle. He likes the taste as well I think. What a rascal, an absolute rascal.”

Looking as happy as ever, Kratu continued to run around freely, as the audience cheered him on in the background.

“What a wonderful slice of entertainment at Crufts,” one of the commentators said. “Something in this fantastic show for everyone.”

The video of Kratu’s incredible performance has since been shared online, and it’s gained a lot of attention with over 18,000 likes for the adorable pooch. While many others showed their support for the rescue dog, leaving congratulatory comments for Kratu on Twitter.

“Bless you Kratu!” @clairehayward commented. “You made me howl with laughter at your antics … just what I needed! Thank you.”

“Bravo for this fantastic, happy and adorable dog. He is unique,” @LuluMe said. While @CarrieT added: “Superheroes don’t all wear capes. Some wear fur.”

The comments didn’t go unnoticed either, with Kratu leaving replies for his fans on Twitter. That’s right, the hilarious pooch has his own social media set up, with regular updates on what he’s been up to.

“We had the best time ever!” he replied. “Had to give it my best PAW POWER!” While another comment read: “Best fun ever! And the right way to retire. Thank you!”

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