In News on Tuesday 23rd Jan, 2018

Just try not to smile when kids and pets collide in super-cute video

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The showbiz maxim is 'never work with children or animals', but they can be very funny when combined. Source: Pixabay

Anyone with grandchildren knows that kids can be very, very funny, even if it is often unintentionally.

Add a pet to the mix and you sometimes have a recipe for unexpected hilarity. That was certainly the case for these home-video users, who captured their children and their dogs in some surprising and funny interactions.

More than 11 million YouTube users have loved this compilation of their most entertaining moments. Who says you should never work with children and animals?

No animals were harmed in the making of this video, but the kids take a few tumbles, and we can’t guarantee all of it is hygenic, that’s for sure!

What funny antics, intentional or otherwise, have you caught your grandkids up to? Have you got pets that get involved too?