Judge bans mum from finding out estranged daughter has cancer in unusual order

The judge made the unusual ruling in the UK. Source: Getty.

A judge in the UK has banned a mother from finding out her estranged daughter has cancer in an “unusual” ruling.

According to multiple reports, Mr Justice Hayden imposed the information ban in June after the young girl pleaded with doctors and social workers for her mother to be kept in the dark about her health.

Speaking in a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London on Tuesday (UK time), the judge reportedly reviewed evidence and ruled that the ban should continue to stay in place.

The Sun reports that council lawyers admitted the order was “unusual”, while asking the judge to keep the ban in place on the girl’s own wishes.

They told the court that the youngster was living with another family member and had been estranged from her mother for several years. It’s claimed her father is aware of her health battle, but she is “adamant” her mother must remain in the dark.

Ultimately, Mr Justice Hayden reportedly ruled that council staff should not tell the mother anything, and even released teachers from her school from their usual obligations to pass such information on.

He was also reportedly told that hospital bosses had decided not to go against the girl’s wishes too.

Mr Justice Hayden assured the court that he had taken into account the woman’s parental rights as well as the girl’s right for privacy, before reaching his decision.

It’s not the first time a judge has made an unusual ruling in court, and last year a grieving woman was saved from poverty after a judge overruled her late partner’s final wishes – after he chose to leave her out of his will and bequeath his entire fortune to two tenants.

Wynford Hodge, 94, had lived with his partner Joan Thompson, 79, for 42 years, but when he died last year she discovered she had been left out of his entire £1.5million (AU$2.7million) fortune.

He owned the extensive Parsonage Farm and Caravan Park in Pembrokeshire, UK, and according to the Daily Mail, he left a note with his will stating his partner was already financially stable, and didn’t wish to leave anything to her or their four children.

However, a judge overturned his final wish, after it was revealed Joan was far from “financially comfortable” as he had claimed – with just £2,500 (AU$4,500) saved.

She was reportedly living on benefits in a nursing home, but wished to return to the family estate to be near her friends, and Judge Milwyn Jarman ruled Hodge had failed to meet his responsibilities to his widow. He awarded his partner a cottage on the estate worth £225,000, as well as almost £190,000 in cash to aid a refurbishment of the home and support her financially.

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