‘I would have died’: Grandmother praises young girls for ‘saving her life’

Grandmother Dianne Isgar thanked a group of girls for "saving her life" after her dog was attacked in a park. Source: Twitter/ Sunrise

A grateful grandmother has thanked a group of young girls for “saving her life” after her dog was attacked in a park in Western Australia.

Dianne Isgar, 75, was walking her two dogs in a park at Frasers Landing in Western Australia recently when the four-year-old silky terrier cross Bonny was set upon by a larger dog, 7 News reports.

The stressful situation brought on a dangerous asthma attack leaving the grandma struggling to breathe.

“I said I can’t breathe, I’ve got asthma,” Dianne explained.

Hearing her screams for help the group of girls quickly stopped playing and rushed to her side. Not hesitating for a moment, the four did all they could to ensure Dianne would survive.

Speaking to 7 news about the incident, the thankful gran explained how the eldest of the children ran back to her car to grab her puffer while the younger kids stayed with Dianne, trying to keep her calm.

“I think I would have died without them,” the tearful gran said. “I wouldn’t have got back to the car.”

Hoping to thank the kids for their assistance she added: “I want to put my heart out to those little kids to say thank you.”

Hearing her message of thanks the girls have since shared further details of the event, admitting they were scared of the bigger dog.

In a chat with Yahoo News Australia nine-year-old Shaliah said after Dianne handed her the keys to her car she rushed to get the puffer while her friend Zara tended to Bonny.

“I was scared of the big dog,” Shaliah explained.

According to the caring girl the owner of the big dog disappeared from the park shortly after the attack.

Meanwhile Shaliah’s grandmother Glenda Miller said the whole family is very proud of the children for helping a complete stranger.

“It made me very proud to see,” she told Yahoo News Australia. “It’s nice to know they can act when they’re called upon.”

Thanks to the girls both Dianne and Bonny are going well. They hope to meet with both Shaliah and Zara in person and offer them a small reward.

What do you think of the girls’ actions?

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