‘Hooning’ retiree sticks it to the police

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92-year-old Gold Coast retiree Humphry Firkins claims police threatened to arrest him for allegedly speeding in his golf buggy. Source: 9 News

When you hear the word hoon, you probably wouldn’t associate it with a 92-year-old man.

But in one case that’s emerged on the Gold Coast in Queensland, that’s exactly what one elderly man has been accused of.

Humphrey Firkins told Nine News that he was pulled over by police for allegedly driving 24km/h in a gated community.

The 92-year-old retiree claimed the police who pulled him over said they would “arrest” him, confiscate his buggy and told him “you’ll go to jail”.

 “I held my hands out like this and said, ‘c’mon, arrest me’, and he wouldn’t do it and I said, ‘you haven’t got the guts’,” he told Nine News.

The case has lead to criticism of the police, with disability advocates accusing them of being “heavy-handed”.

Aged Disability Advocacy spokesperson Geoff Rowe told Nine News that the alleged actions of the police were severe.

“It seems a very heavy handed approach to what’s really a minor misdemeanour,” he said.

But it seems the police have a different story to tell.

They’ve denied Mr Firkins’ story and told Nine News they never intimidated him or threatened him with arrest.

What do you think of this case? Do Humphrey Firkins’ accusations against the police seem heavy-handed?

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