Passengers of driver who died ‘playing chicken with traffic’ break silence

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Faeda Hunter and Hazel Wildman have revealed the details of the tragic crash which claimed the life of their friend. Source: 7 News/Sunday Night

The young women who sparked outrage after posting a selfie of themselves in hospital shortly after being involved in a fatal car crash which caused the death of their friend have broken their silence for the first time.

Hazel Wildman and Faeda Hunter were passengers in a car driven by 21-year-old Shania McNeill, who was captured on camera driving erratically before crashing head on into an oncoming vehicle earlier this year.

Shania was tragically killed in the crash, while Hazel and Faeda were transported to hospital where they were treated for injuries. However, what they did next shocked the country as they posted a photo of themselves online in their hospital gowns following the death of their friend.

Now, months later the young women have explained why they took the photo and the terrifying moments that led to the end of their friend’s life.

“I had messages already coming through my phone, people wondering what’s going on,” she explained. “I just put it out there, saying ‘we’re all good, we’re okay’. I thought Shania was still with us at that time. I even sent it off to her Snapchat personal message. She never opened it though.”

The horrific crash played out on April 27 this year after Shania, Hazel and Faeda had been out partying at a club in Melbourne where they had enjoyed a few drinks.

They were on their way to a friend’s house when Faeda began filming Shania driving – while posting it on social media app Snapchat. But according to the friends, things took a turn for the worse when Shania began driving recklessly, swerving across the road.

“It started to get scary, so I put the phone away,” Faeda explained. “I was terrified. As soon as she started doing it, I am sure we both were terrified.”

To which Hazel added: “It was very reckless driving.”

The two explained Shania was purposely driving on the wrong side of the wrong with Faeda and Hazel claiming they could do nothing to stop her.

“I just remember swerving towards cars, lots of cars,” Hazel recalled. “Six to eight cars, and then the very last one, they had darted off to our side thinking that we weren’t going to turn back onto our correct side of the road.

“That’s when Shania turned and hit Dennis and Ken. That’s when the impact happened.”

She continued: “I remember seeing all of it. It was horrifying. It was horrible. [Faeda] wasn’t breathing. Shania was for a bit and then they took her out of the car. They ended up taking us separately in different ambulances.”

Sadly Shania died from her injuries, while Hazel, Faeda and the men in the car they collided with, Dennis and Ken, are still recovering from the tragic crash.

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