Having a pet just got a whole lot more expensive

Feeding your pooch is about to cost you even more.

The cost of feeding your beloved furry friend is about to get more expensive with the company behind some of Australia’s most popular dog and cat food brands announcing they are jacking up prices.

Mars Petcare Australia, who sell iconic brands Pal, Dine, MyDog, Pedigree, Schmackos and Whiskas, say the cost of doing business in Australia has become so expensive they now have to pass the extra costs onto customers.

The company’s general manager Barry O’Sullivan told The Australian soaring energy prices means it costs 10 per cent more to do business here than it did a year ago.

He said 3 per cent of that cost will go directly onto the price of the dog and cat food across their entire range.

“Ultimately Australian consumers will need to pay a high price for our brands and our products,” Mr O’Sullivan told The Australian.

“We only ever do that as an option of last resort. But when you are facing those sorts of cost pressures, you are left with no choice.”

O’Sullivan said the government needs to find a way to cut energy prices so businesses can survive in Australia without having to charge their customers extra at the check out.

With more than 60 per cent of Australian households owning a pet, the price hike is set to hit many in the hip pocket and make owning a pet that little bit tougher.

Do you have a pet? How much do you spend on them every month?

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