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Have kids today lost their manners?

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Have kids today lost their manners?

Millennials are often slated in the media for their wild behaviour and poor attitudes, but have they lost their manners?

While the times are changing, it’s fair to say that certain traditions from the past aren’t as important in the lives of the younger members of society today.

For example, men used to always hold open a door for a women as she was entering or leaving a room, but these days it isn’t as important as it once was.

Or perhaps you’ve been on a bus and a school student or someone younger than yourself hasn’t got up to offer you a seat.

Then there are simple things like saying hello in the street or people saying thank you or please.

Have kids today really lost their manners or is it another example of everyone blaming the youth on our problems?

Do older people need to reintroduce manners to today’s youth?