Shocking US case: Gran accused of scalding ‘misbehaving’ two-year-old’s feet

Earlier this month, youngster Kaylee Robinson suffered excruciating burns and blisters after her caregiver intentionally used scalding water on her. Source: GoFundMe/Barbara Little.

A shocking case of aggravated child abuse has emerged out of the United States after a woman was accused of scalding her two-year-old step-granddaughter’s feet, leaving the toddler with painful blisters and in need of weekly surgeries over the course of at least two months.

Earlier this month, youngster Kaylee Robinson suffered excruciating burns and blisters after her caregiver intentionally used scalding water on her. A GoFundMe page was set up for Kaylee on Tuesday by her paternal grandmother Barbara Little, who revealed that the tot’s mum and dad have been left struggling to cope ever since.

According to the fundraising page, the couple have been hit with huge medical expenses following the shocking incident, made worse by loss of work, whilst they dedicate their time to travelling between Chattanooga, TN, and the paediatric burns unit where Kaylee is being treated in the neighbouring state of Georgia.

Kaylee, two, suffered second degree burns. Source: GoFundMe/Barbara Little.

“On August 11th 2019 Kaylee was intentionally burned by her caregiver,” Barbara wrote on the crowdfunding page, which has already raised US$240 (AU$354) to help towards the families hospital bills.

“Her mom and dad have had loss of work, huge medical expenses as well as gas back and forth to the pediatric burn unit in Austell, Georgia [sic]. I’ve set this up for all of those wanting to donate to Help my son and daughter in law with our granddaughters needs. Thank you for the overwhelming amount of prayers and support for our family during this very difficult time.

“Kaylee is going to need several surgeries. She goes every Monday for at least the next 8 weeks for surgeries to try and repair the damage that has been done to her. For those of you that can not give a monetary donation, please share and keep our sweet angel in your prayers.”

According to local news outlet WTVC, the youngster was being babysat by her step-grandmother Jennifer Vaughn when the incident occurred, and the woman has since been charged with aggravated child abuse by Rhea County Sheriff’s Department. It has been reported that Vaughn – who is said to be the mother of Kaylee’s mum Brittany Smith’s partner – called Smith frantically and told her that Kaylee had been burned.

Vaughn used scalding water to punish Kaylee because she was “having a bad day”, according to reports, with a local detective claiming that Kaylee’s feet had been submerged in water around “140 degrees for between three to four seconds”, causing second degree burns.

Well-wishers have sent messages of support to the family on the GoFundMe page, with one person writing: “Nobody should have to go through this. Our family will keep you in our prayers and donate as we can.”

Another said: “Recover well little one. May the scars you will keep not hurt your spirit later. Truly I wish the best for you.” While a third wrote: “We love you sweet girl get better.”

Rhea County Sheriff’s Department detective Rocky Potter told multiple news outlets: “When I saw them, it was just, it was the worst scald burns I’d ever seen.”

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