Grandad, 80, saved by hero ambo and brave granddaughter in harrowing 000 call

A grandad was saved thanks to his calm granddaughter and hero 000 call taker Tiago De Almeida. Source: Twitter/ The Today Show and Getty

Shocking audio of an emergency call between an emotional grandmother and a 000 call taker has gone viral after a brave young girl managed to keep her gran calm after her grandad took a frightening fall.

The Today show shared a recording of the discussion between grandma Janice and emergency service worker, Tiago De Almeida, as they worked together to save the life of Ken, 80, who had collapsed and gone into cardiac arrest.

Throughout the call, Janice can be heard frantically trying to explain the situation as her two young grandkids, aged just eight and seven, wait patiently nearby for instructions on how they can help bring their unconscious grandfather back.

“Yes my husband has just collapsed off the chair in the kitchen,” a worried Janice says to De Almeida. A calm and composed De Almeida follows by asking a series of questions to the distressed gran, who is clearly upset at the thought her partner has passed away.

“Is he awake?” the call taker asks. To which Janice is heard replying: “No he’s not… I think he might have gone, I think he might have gone, please come.”

Although a frightening situation, De Almeida remains calm on the phone as he then talks Janice through the process of CPR. It’s here that the gran explains her two grandkids are with her.

Despite Janice’s claims her partner “is gone”, the call taker continues on without any panic as he details what to do next.

“I want you to place the heal of your hand on the breast bone, right in the centre of the chest and right between the nipples,” De Almeida explains. “I want you to put the other hand on top of that hand okay. Now what we need to do is, we need to pump the chest hard and fast at least twice per second.”

As Janice begins CPR, De Almeida asks the gran to hand the phone to her granddaughter Katie.

“Katie this is the ambulance okay, we’ve got some help organised okay, so they are coming now,” he explains to the young girl. “What I need you to do is be nice and brave for your nan okay?”

“Nanny, you just need to keep on doing what you’re doing okay?” she says calmly to her grandma, before quickly announcing that the ambulance has arrived at the home.

On Thursday morning De Almeida appeared on the Today show where he announced Ken is doing well and is back at home recovering with thanks to his brave wife and grandkids.

Explaining the situation, the call taker praised the family for keeping their composure during what would have been a stressful and emotional time. He explained while having children at the scene of an incident such as that can make things more challenging, little Katie and her brother were perfectly prepared and followed all instructions as asked.

“Obviously, we have the little ones there which made it a little bit harder but they were all so calm during the call, it was an amazing outcome,” he said.

“When you get children on the phone it’s amazing how receptive they are to the instructions and she really helped the situation so much. She helped keep her nan nice and calm and got the door open for the crew and was there with her brother at the same time. It’s an amazing job that they both did, that all three of them did.”

Meanwhile, De Almeida said it’s all part of the job and he’s just thankful that there was a good outcome in the end.

“It really does make you feel really good to get home and think you’ve made a difference,” he explained on the Today show.

The call taker added about the importance of kids knowing what to do in emergencies: “Even just knowing the basic instructions, something as small as knowing their address and knowing where to call if there is an emergency. The important part is getting a quick response and this is exactly what happened in this situation.

“It makes a big difference.”

Have you ever faced a situation such as this? Have you made sure your grandkids are aware of what to do in an emergency?

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