Fraser Island community in shock after two Japanese teenage boys drown

The boys, both aged 16, drowned at the popular tourist destination. Source: Getty

The Fraser Island community in Queensland is in shock after two Japanese teenage boys drowned in the island’s iconic Lake Mackenzie.

The boys, both aged 16, drowned at the popular tourist destination, described as “a calm lake in the middle of an island”. The pair were found in the water at 8.20am on Saturday after they were reported missing about 5pm on Friday.

“Lake McKenzie is the postcard-perfect image of Fraser Island – it’s where all the tourists go,” Mr Seymour said. “It’s really unimaginable how somebody, let alone two people, could drown there.

“It’s a calm lake in the middle of an island … whatever has happened is highly unusual.”

Meanwhile, inspector Tony Clowes told reporters on Saturday: “This is a tragic event, there is not doubt about that.”

He warned there was always a risk when entering waterways, and said he did not know if the boys could swim.

“Know your abilities, be aware that if you are entering water there is some inherent risk entering waterways in this country.”

According to The Sunday Mailthe boys attended Kanagawa University High School in Japan and were on exchange in Australia.Their parents back home were informed of the boys’ deaths on Saturday.

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