Comedian Fiona O’Loughlin slammed over shocking attack on Irwin family

It's the second time comedian Fiona O’Loughlin has slammed the Irwin family. Source: Getty

Comedian Fiona O’Loughlin has comes under major fire after launching a shocking attack on the Irwin family, blasting everyone from late ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve to his daughter Bindi.

The 56-year-old, who won the fourth season of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! last year, made the latest comments on The Little Dum Dum Club podcast. She was reflecting on backlash she received in 2010 when she criticised Bindi Irwin on the ABC quiz show Spicks and Specks, labelling the then-11-year-old “a bit creepy” and a “freak show”.

“I said [Bindi] was a freak,” Fiona recalled in her latest rant. “Let’s call a spade a spade,” she then added: “You don’t run around the world talking like that without being bonkers. Fun, but bonkers.”

The comedian then claimed Steve Irwin’s wife Terri “actually thinks she’s in a cartoon, because the outfits are crazy”.

She also went on to say that Bindi, who recently announced her engagement to long-term boyfriend Chandler Powell, and Bob had never had company over before their dad’s death.

“Terri said in the book that the kids were really freaked out because, you know when somebody dies and people come to your door with casseroles or well wishes?” Fiona explained. “She said in the book how freaked out the kids were because they’d never had company before. They’d never had anyone over to their house.”

Fiona’s latest comments have sparked outrage once again, with many Aussies taking to social media to slam the comedian.

“Fiona O’Loughlin is desperately trying to be relevant by insulting Bindi Irwin. She’s just a pathetic hag who is trying to take a the shine off the joy experienced by a girl who just got engaged. I don’t care what O’Loughlin’s excuse will be this time: she should rip her head in,” one commentator wrote.

Another added: “This lady @Fiona_Kildare clearly has psychological issues!!!!! What has @BindiIrwin and her family done to her? They do not deserve this harassment and bullying under the guise of comedy….Why do comedians get off the hook for their disgusting rants?”

While a third wrote: “Fiona O’Loughlin taking aim at the Irwin family on The Little Dum Dum Club podcast… what a nasty woman!”

What are your thought on this story? Do you think Fiona O’Loughlin was out of line?

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