Elderly woman dies after being hit by cement truck in ‘traumatic’ incident

The incident took place on Thursday morning in Sydney. Source: Twitter/Seven News.

An elderly woman was killed on Thursday morning after being struck by a cement truck while crossing a road in Sydney.

The woman in her 80s was walking across the road with her husband in the suburb of Crows Nest when the incident took place, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. It has been reported the woman was dragged along the road for some time by the truck before it stopped.

According to the publication emergency services were called to the scene at the intersection of Albany Street and Willoughby Road at around 11am. The woman was reportedly trapped under the truck upon arrival with “catastrophic injuries”. She later died at the scene.

The man, who is reported to have been holding hands with the woman when crossing the road, suffered minor injuries.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald about the shocking incident, NSW Ambulance inspector Carolyn Parish said they did “everything they could” to save the woman.

“The scene was quite stressful and traumatic for all emergency services, quite heart-wrenching for paramedics particularly,” she told the publication.

In a statement provided to Starts at 60, a spokesperson for NSW Ambulance Service confirmed that a man and woman were treated at the scene, and that the elderly woman passed away at the scene, while the man suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital.

The truck driver was also taken to hospital in “significant shock” and has been tested for drugs and alcohol.

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