Bizarre footage shows elderly man, 92, driving mobility scooter on busy freeway

The 92-year-old was caught driving his scooter down Melbourne's busy Monash Freeway on Friday afternoon. Source: Facebook/Dash Cam Owners Australia.

There are all shapes and sizes of vehicle on the roads these days, from mammoth road trains and utes, to motorbikes and tiny compact cars. But one elderly man found himself being stopped by the police this week after he drove his mobility scooter down a busy freeway.

The man, who is said to be 92 according to the Daily Mail, was caught driving his scooter down Melbourne’s busy Monash Freeway on Friday afternoon.

Dash cam footage captured by another driver – identified only as Bruce – and posted online, shows the gentleman merging onto the 100 km/h road.

The driver recording the bizarre incident can be heard beeping his horn before shouting at the man to pull over repeatedly, saying: “Move over mate. You’re on the freeway… you’re not supposed to be on the freeway.”

However the mobility scooter driver continues on his way and Bruce can be heard contacting the police who arrive within minutes and pull over the man.


The shocking footage shows large lorries and coaches zooming past the elderly man who keeps swerving to the edge of the freeway, as he drives along in the left hand lane, as Bruce drives slowly behind him with his hazard lights on as a warning to other traffic.

It was shared on Facebook by the group Dash Cam Owners Australia, and comments flooded in from people who praised Bruce for his quick thinking which prevented other unsuspecting drivers from approaching the elderly man at full speed, and potentially preventing an accident.

One person wrote: “Excellent work, Bruce! May have saved more than one life there. Kudos to you.” Another wrote: “Good to see there is still some humanity around… did well to keep him safe in a very unsafe situation, also good to see Vic Pol on the scene straight away.”

While a third said: “Great work by the camera car you saved this guys life for sure.”

What are your thoughts on this story? Have you ever seen anything like this?


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