Elderly man, 74, dies after being violently pushed off a bus

New footage has been released showing a woman violently pushing an elderly man off a bus. Source: Twitter: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

There has been a series of disturbing attacks on elderly people around the world in recent months and now new footage has been released showing a woman violently pushing an elderly man off a bus in the US.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released the shocking video, taken in Las Vegas on March 21, to social media on Tuesday. According to the police, the the 74-year-old initially survived the incident but later died of his injuries at a hospital on April 23.

In the video, a woman is seen shoving the man with both hands down the front steps of the bus, sending the elderly man crashing down the steps. The footage ended with the man lying motionless on the pavement.

The woman, identified by police as Cadesha Bishop, 25, is now facing a murder charge. According to a police statement, when the bus stopped to let passengers off, Bishop and the victim got into an argument. As the man attempted to exit, Bishop pushed him out of the bus and onto the ground.

The ruling comes amid calls for harsher punishments for violent attackers after a spate of assaults and robberies against elderly people in Australia and around the world.

In September last year, an 86-year-old British woman suffered a heart attack after her purse was stolen while she was shopping at a post office in the Leicestershire area in the United Kingdom. In the clip shared by the Daily Mirror, the pensioner is seen shopping when a man and a woman approach her.

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The female thief, who is wearing a large shawl, creeps up behind the unsuspecting gran, before reaching inside her handbag. She has a feel around and grabs the purse. She then returns to the safety of her male accomplice and the pair make their swift exit from the store.

According to information shared with the video, the elderly woman informed staff as soon as she was aware what happened, but suffered a heart attack shortly after the incident. She was taken to hospital and was discharged a week later after treatment.

Do you think more protections need to be put in place for elderly people? Do we need harsher punishments for violent attackers?

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