‘Pathetic’ Bunnings rule divides Aussies

A frustrated dog owner has slammed Bunnings Warehouse for its rule regarding the entry of dogs into its stores. Source: Getty

A frustrated dog owner has slammed Australian hardware store Bunnings Warehouse for its “pathetic” rule which orders four-legged friends to be muzzled when inside the store.

The Perth resident took to social media this week to vent her outrage on the situation after being told her beloved pooch could not walk freely by her side in the store.

In a furious post on Facebook, the woman claimed her dog is friendly and should not be made to wear the contraption over its face.

“You have to muzzle your dog in Bunnings?! Just because some silly kid didn’t ask permission before touching a dog and got nipped? F***ing pathetic,” news.com.au reports she wrote.

“It wasn’t my f***ing dog that bit some brat. Mine are friendly and love people.”

Although the annoyed dog owner only just found out about the rule, it actually came into place in 2015, after a child was bitten on the leg by a dog inside a Melbourne store.

According to the company’s website, while dogs are still permitted in stores across the country, they must either be on a lead and wearing a muzzle, be secured safely in a trolley or be carried.

The Perth woman hasn’t been the only one to question the store’s policy recently, with another annoyed dog owner also taking to social to share their thoughts on the matter.

In a post on Facebook the Aussie explained she would not be taking her pooch to the store any more after receiving the news on muzzles.

“I’ve taken my beautiful Meekie to Bunnings for a long time, lots of people know her there, yesterday I was told she has to wear a muzzle due to someone complaining about all the dogs in general so I’m not taking her any more,” the woman wrote alongside a picture of her gorgeous dog.

She added: “Jim thinks they should put a muzzle on the sausage sangas [sic] because they do more damage than the dogs.”

However, others congratulated Bunnings on its policy, claiming muzzles are in no way a bad thing and could actually be helpful for both the dog and owner into the future.

“I regularly take my dogs into their stores, some days they ride the trolley on a lead and other days they wear a muzzle,” one person wrote on Facebook. “I think it is great that dogs get to wear muzzles such that they get comfortable doing so as it may be needed for vets some day or if they were hurt.

“I believe this also helps the public understand muzzles are not just for dangerous dogs but a part of a dogs attire just like a collar, lead and harness. I am very appreciative of the policy and feel comfortable with my dogs following the rules.”

Another added: “I think these Bunnings rules are reasonable, I carry my dog in my arms for safety or you may choose to put in trolley without muzzle.”

Were you aware of the rules? Do you think they are a good idea?

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