Thousands call for dog to be saved after it bites young boy’s hand off

A petition has been created to save the life of Bear (right) who bit off a child's hand in an "accident". Source: Go Fund Me

Thousands of people across the globe have rallied together to save a dog from being put down after it bit off a young child’s hand in a horrific and tragic attack.

According to Yahoo 7 News, the husky – named Bear – was involved in the terrible incident recently when a boy stuck his arm covered in a sock through a fence. The pet is then said to have bitten off his entire hand plus an added two to three inches of his arm.

Bear, along with his playmate Polar, were taken into quarantine immediately and now their owners fear the dog in question could be put down due to the incident.

A friend close to the animal’s family has since set up a petition in the hopes of convincing authorities not to end the life of the canine, claiming it was an “accident”.

“My best friend’s dog was involved in an unfortunate accident yesterday where a little boy stuck his arm through a fence he had a sock on his arm,” Jessica Nusz wrote on the Care 2 Petitions website. “Bear, who was playing with what he thought was a toy, bit down too hard and didn’t see that there was a child on the other side of the fence.”

Jessica went on to claim that the terrible incident was not intentional and that the dog was unaware of what he was actually doing.

“With him being a dog, he thought it was a game of tug and war and he bit down too hard and took a lower portion of his arm,” she continued. “The situation is unfortunate on both sides.

“And now both dogs are in quarantine at Davis country animal control. There are fears that Bear might be put down and he doesn’t deserve to be put down for this freak accident.”

At the time of publication, the petition had been signed over 196,000 times with many reaching out to support the dog’s family following the shocking event.

Meanwhile, the devastated family has also created a Go Fund Me page in hopes of gaining some extra cash to help pay legal fees.

“I am raising money for court fee’s to save Polar and Bear,” the message on the website read. “They have been accused of a terrible accident which happened on Sunday March 3rd. This money will be put toward bringing them home and court fee’s [sic].”

To date over $200 has been raised with hopes of reaching a $5,000 goal.

The issue has sparked a wide debate ever since the petition was created, and while many supported the plea to save the dog, many more have insisted he must be put down.

“My husband and I have talked about this a lot this week. As much as we love our dog, if she ever got THAT aggressive, I would be terrified she would do it again. We would have to put her dow,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile another added: “Exactly. More people care about the dog than the boy who will suffer for the rest of his life. I understand that people love dogs, & some call their dogs their kids, but come on. There’s no reason this dog should be kept alive. What if it went after a kids throat & killed them?”

Do you think the dog should be put down? Or do you agree with the family that it was simply an accident?

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