Frustrated ambulance releases audio after ridiculous emergency call

In frustration, the ambulance service released the ridiculous call to the public, detailing the kinds calls they get daily that prevent them from helping people in real danger. Source: Getty (Stock image used)

The ambulance is there to provide support and assistance for those who need it the most, which is why an audio recording of a real call to the North West Ambulance Service in the United Kingdom has angered so many people.

Sharing the clip on its Twitter page, the ambulance service advised people to make the right call when contacting the emergency services.

“So we got this 999 call on New Year’s Day,” the message read. “A man called us for a DNA test after accusing his partner of cheating. Really though?!”

In the recording, an ambulance officer can be heard asking the caller if the patient is breathing.

“I’m just calling because my partner has cheated on me,” the man says.

Again, because it is the ambulance and the service deals with life and death situations, the operator asks the man again if the patient is breathing.

“Everybody okay,” the man says. “I want you ambulance to come to my house to go do a DNA test.”

Frustrated, the operator asks the man why.

“Because my partner has cheated on me,” he says again.

The operator then decides to tell the man exactly what the emergency services are for.

“Right, okay, this is an emergency service. We don’t do DNA tests,” she says. “Sir, listen to me. This is an emergency line, we don’t deal with domestic cases and we don’t do DNA tests so I suggest that you speak to somebody else.”

The man then asks the operator if he can provide her with the right number to contact for his DNA test, but she is unable to assist.

Frustrated members of the community on Twitter said they wanted action to be taken against the man.

“Will the caller be prosecuted?” one person asked.

Another comment read: “Should be fined for wasting time of the emergency services.”

A third person added: “My 84 year old mum had to wait 8 and half hours for an ambulance (north Wales) and clowns like this add to the delays and pressure on the ambulance services. Find him. Fine him.”

It follows a pensioner in the UK who last year caused outrage when she emergency services hundreds of times with nuisance calls.

According to UK publication Chronicle Live, the 90-year-old had been previously convicted of making nuisance calls, but that didn’t stop her from making more than 400 additional calls between July and August last year. She also pleaded guilty to a third malicious communications offence, where she made an additional nine calls to the emergency hotline.

During the calls, the woman didn’t need hospital assistance and instead asked ambulance officers to take her to dinner, bingo and to bring her snacks when she was hungry.

There was also an incident where she’d dropped her food on the floor and requested the emergency staff before swearing at them and calling them names.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police Service in the UK released some of the most outrageous calls made to its emergency service line last year. From fretting about fast food store KFC running out of chicken to complaints that breakfast wasn’t served fast enough, the department in the UK has certainly had its fair share of bizarre “emergencies”.

In fact, out of more than two million calls made to the 999 number – the equivalent of 000 – between January and November last, a shocking 21,733 were recorded as hoax calls.

What are your thoughts on this? What should be done to people who prank the emergency numbers?

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