Shoppers share outrage over ‘lazy’ pre-cut onion as it hits Coles’ shelves

Coles has been slammed for its new pre-cut onion product. Source: Facebook/ Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew

An environmental group has joined outraged shoppers in slamming a new pre-cut onion product being sold in Coles, claiming it’s “lazy” and creating “unnecessary” plastic.

The Northern Beaches Clean Up Crew took to social media recently to blast the popular supermarket chain over the newfangled idea, claiming shoppers should not be spending their money on the product.

Posting a photo of the item, which was being sold for $1.50, the group called on followers to message Coles personally and tell them to cease production.

“Are we really that lazy that we can no longer dice our own onions?” they queried. “I haven’t seen these before. So much unnecessary plastic!”

Group members were equally as outraged with the idea, with the majority claiming it created a further risk to the environment.

“People generally still don’t care that they are eating plastic without knowing it,” one person commented on Facebook. “If people cared this would have stopped by now. When you see something like this on the shelves tell the manager. Don’t buy it and let it rot on the shelves, the only way to stop this is to hurt them in the pocket.”

Another added: “There is an epidemic of plastic and you decide to do this. People can cut onion!”

While a third wrote in capitals: “WHY IS THIS AT ALL NECESSARY.”

There were some however, who claimed it was a good idea, particularly for those who are limited for time.

“Why wouldn’t we want to avoid all the tears and the little bits of flakey onion peel that are left behind,” someone wrote.

A second said: “Obviously a lot of people buy them and all the other pre-skinned veggies. For decades you’ve been able to buy frozen chopped onion, spinach, cauliflower, corn etc. At least this product is only days old rather than weeks or months.”

Coles has since spoken out in response to the negative backlash, confirming that while the pre-chopped onion is a new product, the supermarket has been selling other pre-chopped vegetables such as mushrooms and pumpkin for years without outrage.

The store claimed it is proven quite convenient for many Aussies including those with a disability and the elderly who are physically unable to chop and peel vegetables themselves.

“We know that cutting onions is a task many of our customers do not like – it can quite literally bring them to tears,” a Coles spokesperson said.

“So this is another example of where Coles has done the work for you. All the packaging for this product can be recycled through REDcycle soft plastic bins which are available at all Coles supermarkets.”

What are your thoughts on the pre-cut vegetables? Do you think they are a good idea or should they be taken down from shelves? 

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