Clever Aussie senior comes up with a genius way to mow his lawn

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The video of a clever Aussie man doing his lawn on a mobility scooter has social media talking. Source: Sunrise/Twitter

We’re well known for our ability as Aussies to come up with genius ways to approach everyday tasks.

But one Aussie over-60 has raised the bar, and his genius way of mowing the lawn has given everyone on social media a good laugh!

The man doesn’t let his mobility scooter stop him from mowing the lawn.

A passerby shot the video in the New South Wales town of Unanderra, showing the man towing a lawn mower behind his mobility scooter.

How genius is that?!

The video was shown on Sunrise over the weekend and it sure gave the hosts a good laugh.

Watch the video below, it’ll sure brighten up your day!

Let’s face it, when the lawn needs to be mown – you just have to get in and do it.

How true blue Australian is this? Did the video give you a laugh? 


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