‘It’s my fault’: Tracy Grimshaw reveals why she’s been missing from TV

Jun 29, 2020
Tracy Grimshaw explained why she's been missing from her hosting duties on A Current Affair. Source: Getty

Tracy Grimshaw has been noticeably absent from her usual role as the host of A Current Affair of late, wits fellow Channel Nine star Deborah Knight stepping in to take on presenting duties on the popular program – and it’s had some viewers worried about her health and wellbeing.

The TV host is usually front and centre on the night time program, however she failed to make a single appearance this past week, with her absence going unaddressed, until now. Taking to social media over the weekend, Grimshaw updated followers on where she’s been and what caused her to momentarily step away from the screen.

In a post on Instagram, the 60-year-old said she’s been resting a fractured ankle, and was ordered by doctors to stay off her feet for a while to help it mend.

“Does my foot look big in this?” she wrote on the post, alongside a photo of her sporting a moon boot. “Took last week off to have a birthday and ended up seeing a physio about limpy left ankle that wasn’t getting better after weeks. I figured a sprain or referred pain from knee op in March.”

She went on: “Found out today fractured, so that explains why so ouchy. Back at work asap. Thanks to @deborah_knight for stepping in so quickly this week.”

Messages of support quickly poured in for Grimshaw, with fans wishing the TV host a speedy recovery. While others said they’d been wondering why she had disappeared.

“Wish you a quick and comfortable recovery Tracy,” @bill.papas.9066 commented on the post. “By the way, I’m a huge ACA fan and you take care.”

“Wondered what happened to you. Feel better soon dear Tracy and heal well,” @iforsyte said. While @suerav0268 added: “Oh no Tracy, 12 months ago I broke my foot in four places and the boot drove me mad.”

Meanwhile, Tracy also addressed her absence from the program in an article written for 9Now. The TV host gave a bit more insight into what caused the injury and said while she’s eager to get back to work, her doctor has told her some extra time at home is needed instead.

“Seems like overkill to me, but my orthopaedic surgeon stubbornly assures me,” she wrote. “Besides, it’s actually my fault. About four months ago I tore the meniscus cartilage in my knee (that part isn’t my fault). It needed surgery and I should have followed up with diligent physio, but work was pretty busy in March with a global pandemic and all.

“So, I figured it’d be right, and I didn’t do the physio. The knee didn’t get much better (duh) and one day it gave out as I stepped up an embankment at home and I fell and broke my foot.”

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Do you watch A Current Affair? Do you have a message for Tracy Grimshaw as she rests her broken foot?

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