Anne Hegerty opens up about her sex life and reveals why she’ll never find love

Anne Hegerty has claimed she doesn't see herself getting into a long-term relationship. Source: Getty

Anne Hegerty may have won the hearts of millions around the world as ‘The Governess’ on popular quiz show The Chase but the mastermind admitted it hasn’t been quite so easy when it comes to her own heart, claiming she doesn’t think she’ll ever find love.

The 60-year-old opened up about relationships and sex during a candid interview with The Sun revealing she struggles to commit and will probably never settle down with someone.

Sharing details of her love life, Hegerty said that while she is attracted to people it’s not enough to make her commit to form a life-long partnership, with her longest relationship to date lasting just four months.

Asked if she will settle down with someone the star told the British tabloid: “I don’t think I ever will. I still get attracted to people but having a relationship isn’t fair on the other person.”

“Sex was always better in my head, I felt like I was somewhere else while it was happening,” she added. “It made me realise I needed space both mentally and physically in life, and I can’t make it work.

It is for this reason that Hegerty has never had children of her own. However, she is godmother to the son of fellow chaser Mark Labbett – a role she said she loves.

Her latest comments come after the quiz master admitted while she may seem fearless as the sassy Governess, she hasn’t always felt so confident and actually spent much of her childhood and young adult life feeling like the “family loser”.

The TV star – who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at the age of 44 – is one of the most well-known and loved faces of the quiz show, appearing in both the UK and Australian versions of the program. While she’s known for her incredible intellect, she’s also made a name for herself thanks to her wit and cutting one-liners.

But speaking in an exclusive chat with Starts at 60 earlier this year, Anne opened up on her struggle to finally embrace that confidence after constantly being told by people throughout her life that she wasn’t good enough for her “wonderful and fabulous” mother.

Asked how The Chase has changed her life, Anne said: “Totally, completely, 100 per cent. Nothing is the same. It’s amazing that I’ve got enough money that I need, that I’ve got a job. I feel so much more confident. I’ve spent most of my life thinking I’m the family loser. Now suddenly I’m not!”

Asked why she felt like the family loser, Anne explained: “Honestly you have no idea, until this came along … Compared to everyone except my dad, I did, he was seen as the uber loser. I spent most of my life being compared to my mum with everyone saying, ‘You mum is so wonderful and fabulous and amazing and stupendous and you’re not good enough for her’.

“Everybody loved her, loathed my dad, and would say, ‘That girl is so much like her dad. She’s not good enough for the mother’. My mother was just this saint, people acted like she was famous because she was so stupendous.”

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