Denise Drysdale says it’s been so long, she’s ‘forgotten’ when she last had sex

Studio 10 host Denise Drysdale has opened up about her sex life in a candid chat. Source: Getty

Denise Drysdale, 70, has candidly opened up about her sex life, admitting she can’t remember the last time she got intimate between the sheets.

In an exclusive chat with New Idea, the Studio 10 host – who has been absent from the show for the last few weeks due to other commitments – said: “I drive myself mad, that’s how hard I am to live with and I haven’t had sex in years, it’s been so long I’ve forgotten.”

This isn’t the first time the iconic television host, fondly known as ‘Ding Dong’, has lifted the lid on her sex life though, as in 2017, Denise revealed on air that she is “sexually at peace”, claiming she has no interest in online dating and would much rather get herself a dog, than a man.

Denise’s comments comes after the star spent her 70th birthday in rehab after she underwent a full knee replacement over the Christmas period.

“I was terribly depressed, very down,” Denise told New Idea on Monday. “I honestly couldn’t wait to get my birthday over and done with. I reckon I’ve been very lucky, until now, but suddenly I had a lifetime of pain in four months.”

In December, Denise revealed she has been undergoing her treatment at Robina Hospital in Queensland. She insisted she would celebrate properly in the evening with friends and family and they would likely enjoy a roast dinner together.

Following her knee operation, the television personality revealed she was in and out of hospital with blood cots, a swollen left breast and shingles. However, despite her healthissues , Denise is planing to return to Aussie screens later this month.

In August last year, the 70-year-old left fans concerned after she revealed she’d be taking a break from the panel.

“I thought I would be leaving,” she said at the time, when responding to false rumours that she was leaving the show for good. “I’ve been doing this job and touring for 54 years and it’s been getting to me and I’m just sick of the travel and sick of sleeping in other people’s beds.

“I went to Luce [Studio 10 executive producer] and said, ‘look, I need to go’ and then I had a meeting.”

Producers didn’t want the Gold Logie winner to leave forever and told her to have a break and come back when she’s ready.

“How lucky am I?” she added. “At my age to still be working, but to have that opportunity to go and have a little break.”

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