Pete Evans shows off dramatic weight loss in amazing before and after photos

Sep 11, 2019
Pete Evans has showed off his dramatic weight loss transformation. Source: Getty

He’s transformed his body over the past few years, adopting a hard-lined approach to healthy eating and dropping the kilos, and now My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans has revealed the full extent of his dramatic weight loss transformation.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, the 46-year-old celebrity chef shared two side-by-side photos of himself 10 years ago and now, crediting his highly-publicised Paleo diet with his body transformation. He captioned the post: “I often share images and stories of others success stories. Well here is a little snapshot of mine. 10 years between shots.

“I do way less exercise now, (play a lot more now) and just follow paleo principles 99 per cent of the time (removing the most common inflammatory foods for humans while embracing well-sourced meat, seafood and organic veg which in turn helps the planet).”

Since posting the photo, the celebrity chef has received a flurry of supportive comments from fans, who commended him on his weight loss, with one writing: “Yes brother. Let’s keep going. All in!”

Another added: “Wow! What an improvement!” While a third wrote: “Wow Pete you look amazing. Great transformation and good on you!!!”

The paleo diet, commonly referred to as the caveman diet, is hugely popular these days. It’s designed to emulate only what humans are thought to have eaten during the Palaeolithic era. It promotes poultry, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables and meat, and avoids legumes, grains and dairy products.

However, many health experts in the past have criticised the diet and labelled it another fad. According to evolutionary biologist Karen Hardy, carbohydrates play an important role in the developing of bigger brainsThe Guardian reported. And a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism found people lost more fat on a low-fat diet than on a low-carb one. 

Alexa Nella, a dietician at the University of California, said the paleo diet “puts most [people] at risk of deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D” reported.

Meanwhile, the controversial chef has also been on the receiving end of harsh criticism. Last year, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) called for his documentary The Magic Pill to be pulled from streaming service Netflix.

However, speaking in an exclusive chat with Starts at 60 at the time, the 46-year-old hit back at the comments, questioning the AMA’s real intentions. “I believe that any criticism shows the fears and insecurities of the people or organisations making the criticisms,” he said.

“You will need to ask them why … the celebration of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet is a cause for alarm for them, however they don’t seem to be asking TV networks or the mainstream magazines that advertise fast food, to remove them instead.”

The documentary makes a case that eliminating processed foods, carbohydrates and grains can potentially alleviate health conditions ranging from asthma to autism. Despite the AMA’s claims, Netflix have decided to release The Magic Pill globally, and they have also extended the contract for another 12 months.

It’s not the first time Evans and the AMA have exchanged blows. Evans was also criticised by the medical body for claiming dairy removed calcium from bones and that sunscreen was toxic.

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