Johnny Ruffo shares brain scans in health update on battle against cancer

Johnny Ruffo has updated fans on his battle against cancer by sharing an image of a recent brain scan. on social media. Source: Getty

Television star Johnny Ruffo has shared an update on his health with fans, confirming that his battle against cancer has been a success as his latest scan revealed no signs of the potentially fatal disease in his brain.

It has been a challenging couple of years for the singer after he discovered that what he assumed was a migraine actually turned out to be a very serious brain tumour. But it seems things are now on the up for Ruffo as the larrikin TV star took to social media this week to share his most recent MRI scan.

While the new scan was a cause of celebration for the 31-year-old, he contrasted the image by sharing an old scan alongside it which revealed the extent of the tumour that the star has battled for the past two years.

In the first scan – which was taken shortly after he received the devastating cancer diagnosis – a large tumour can be identified as a distinctive white mass which is visible in the top left of the scan, while the second image shows a much more positive picture.

“Exactly two years ago versus today, so glad to have beaten this horrible disease,” he wrote alongside the photos. “Thank you for all the support!”

Friends and fans were quick to comment with Home and Away actress Lynne McGranger leaving a supportive message for her former cast mate.

“Love you to the moon and halfway back,” she wrote on Instagram. “So pleased you’ve beaten this bastard! Must nearly be footy team dinner time.”

Meanwhile, fans offered further messages of love with one explaining they too have battled brain cancer writing: “You are my inspiration Johnny. I too have been dealt the horrible card that is brain cancer. But we are both survivors.”

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Another simply said: “Amazing strength. Glad you got through this terrible and heartbreaking disease.”

Ruffo’s update comes just weeks after he shared details about his comeback single ‘Broken Glass’, explaining how it is probably the “most vulnerable” song he’s written to date following his tough battle with cancer.

Appearing on the Channel 7’s The Morning Show last month the star opened up about the meaning behind the emotional ballad which is the first song he’s released in four years.

Back on the road to success Johnny said he’s excited to be writing music once again with a song he hopes people will be able to connect with.

“It is probably the most vulnerable song I’ve written, it’s very personal for me,” he told hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur.

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“It’s loosely about my experience in the past two, three years, it’s a song about being down and out, not necessarily with what I went through with cancer, but just anything, it might be depression, it might be losing a loved one, anything.”

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Johnny added: “I really want people to be able to connect with it and interpret it in their own way, because everybody, no matter who you are, goes through struggle.”

Are you a fan of Johnny Ruffo? Have you or a loved one faced a battle against cancer?

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