The Women’s Weekly Cookbook recipe Jenny Morrison served to Harry and Meghan

Jenny Morrison served Prince Harry and Meghan a tasty pav she found the recipe for in The Women’s Weekly Cookbook. Source: Getty

As part of her first solo interview since her husband became prime minister six months ago, Jenny Morrison has revealed some of the exciting moments she’s experienced since becoming the ‘first lady’ of Australia.

Speaking exclusively to Nine Honey, the 51-year-old has revealed details of the time she cooked for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they visited Australia in October, 2018. Along with her husband, Jenny famously hosted Prince Harry and Meghan at Kirribilli House for afternoon tea and it turns out she relied on a trusty recipe from The Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook to leave her guests satisfied.

The mother-of-two explained that she treated the young royals to a delicious marshmallow pavlova she found in the iconic cookbook. Of course, generations of Australian families have relied on the recipes from the cookbook for everything from quick and easy meals to birthday cakes, Christmas dinners and desserts.

According to Jenny, Prince Harry “smashed” the iconic dessert – which she actually pulled out of the oven at 1am the day of her afternoon tea with the royal parents-to-be.

She told the publication: “I got it out the oven at 1am … one of those moment where you go, ‘life is a bit crazy to decide to do things late at night’.”

During the interview, Jenny also explained that the trusty pav is her “go-to dessert” and that she followed in the footsteps of her mother – who was famous in her family for creating the sweet treat.

Earlier this week, Nine Honey released the first part of their exclusive interview with Jenny. She previously gushed about Prince Harry, calling him “very charming” and “quite good looking”, while also drawing attention to his “beautiful eyes”. She also described Meghan as “very sweet”.

During the chat, she also opened up on the impact being Australia’s leader has had on her husband and revealed the PM really did cry on his knees over the issue of detention centres and despite his persona in front of cameras, Scott is really “sensitive about issues”.

“I think people have one view of him but he never took any of those decisions lightly,” she recalled. “It might seem like he’s gung-ho, but you need someone tenacious sometimes to hold the line.”

The last time Jenny spoke publicly was last September, immediately following her husband’s dramatic rise from treasurer to leader of the Liberal Party. She appeared alongside her husband on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair, as the pair discussed the transition from life as the wife of the nation’s treasurer, to becoming the ‘first lady’ of Australia.

What are your thoughts on Jenny’s go-to dessert recipe? Do you enjoy cooking pavlovas?

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