Jane Fonda reveals she’s had ‘a lot of cancer’ in open chat about health

Jane Fonda opened up about her battle with cancer and osteoporosis in an interview with Vogue. Source: Instagram/ British Vogue

From the outside Jane Fonda may look like she’s in perfect health, but the 81-year-old has now revealed she’s had a very challenging journey with several battles against cancer over the years.

Speaking to British Vogue magazine, the talented actress claimed she’s “had a lot of cancer” over the years with most of it due to sun exposure in her younger years.

In between her busy work schedule, filming movies and attending high profile events, Fonda admitted she spends a lot of time at the doctors getting her skin checked.

“I was a sun-worshipper,” she told the publication. “When I have a day off, I frequently go to the skin doctor and have things cut off me by a surgeon.”

The Grace and Frankie star also reflected on her time at the 2016 Golden Globes where she wore a “strange white dress with all the ruffles”. Fonda told Vogue that it was all because she was recovering from a mastectomy at the time and had to cover the bandages around her chest.

When asked where she’s at now with the diagnosis, the actress replied: “It’s an ongoing process.”

Meanwhile, Fonda has been open about the effects of ageing in recent years and she revealed to the magazine that her body now “hurts a lot” due to osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become weak and brittle. She explained it is genetic and something both her father and brother suffered from.

However, although painful, the actress said thankfully due to modern technology it’s easy to fix. In fact, the talented star has already had two hip replacements and one knee replacement, while she is due to have her other knee operated on in the near future.

With such a dedication to looking after herself and her career, Fonda also spoke to the magazine about being single in later life. While the Monster-in-Law star has been married three times, she explained she feels more herself when she’s alone.

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Fonda said when she is with a man she “gives up herself” but now as a single woman she no longer has a “double image”.

“When I left Ted [ex-husband], I could feel myself moving back into myself,” she told Vogue.

Speaking about her happiness and future the star added: “I didn’t think I’d ever live this long – or feel that I’m whole or getting whole. I feel very intentional about realising that it’s up to me how this last part of my life goes.”

Are you a fan of Jane Fonda? Have you suffered from cancer or Osteoporosis?

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