‘I’d love that’: Olivia Newton-John opens up on dream of becoming a grandmother

Olivia Newton-John said she'd love for her daughter Chloe Lattanzi to have a child of her own. Source: Getty

Olivia Newton-John has opened up about her dreams of becoming a grandparent, claiming in a recent interview that she’d love for her daughter to fall pregnant.

When asked if she’d like for Chloe start a family with her long term partner the Grease star replied: “I would love that, but yeah, I have ‘granddogs’ right now.”

Chloe and James have been engaged for around nine years, but are yet to tie the knot with Olivia explaining there have been discussions about the big day but nothing is set in stone.

“They’re talking about it, but they’ve been talking about it for a long time, so I don’t know when that will happen,” she admitted.

The Aussie actress’ claims follow comments late last year by Chloe who explained in a tribute letter to her mum how much Olivia wants to be a grandmother.

“Mum can’t wait for us to get married and one day be a grandma,” she wrote. “Having a baby has been on my mind a lot lately and when I’m ready I know mum will be the best support system.”

Meanwhile, it has been an emotional year for Olivia who in June was awarded the country’s highest honour – the Companion of the Order of Australia – in a special ceremony at her home in Los Angeles.

The talented Aussie reportedly had tears streaming down her face as she received the coveted title of AC for not only her highly successful career in the entertainment industry, but also her ongoing campaign in the fight against cancerThe Australian reported.

It was an overwhelming moment for the 70-year-old, who has established the Olivia Newton-John Can­cer Wellness & Research Centre in her home town of Melbourne, with the singer reportedly shouting “woohoo” as the medal was placed around her neck by Australia’s ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey.

In a moving speech for the Aussie talent, Hockey reportedly commended Olivia’s optimistic personality, claiming she has “changed the world” through her strength, courage and never-give-up mentality.

“It is not just because of your singing, songwriting, acting — that’s the stuff that has lit up so many faces … but you are doing it now from a philanthropy perspective, simply by illustrating to the world you never give up,” he said according to The Australian.

“You never walk away from any challeng­e. You are the most optimistic person I have ever met.”

Speaking about the honour, Olivia is said to have thanked all Australians for supporting her throughout her life so far as she battled through several cancer diagnosis’.

“It’s huge for me,” she reportedly said.  “I started getting nervous yesterday when I thought ‘wow this is really happening’.”

How did you feel when you first became a grandparent? How many grandchildren do you have?

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