‘You won’t believe this’: Grant Denyer shares photo of daughter after she breaks her arm

Grant Denyer shared a photo of his daughter Sailor on Sunday after she broke her arm. Source: Instagram - Grant Denyer

Grant Denyer has been through a lot over the last few weeks as he was forced to retreat from the public eye after he suffered a painful spinal injury.

Now the television personality has taken to social media to update fans, however it wasn’t about him.

The 41-year-old shared a photo of his daughter Sailor on Sunday after she broke her arm. The child, aged seven, was wearing a sling as she posed in a doctor’s office.

Grant wrote in his caption: “You won’t believe this… Sailor has now broken her arm on the monkey bars. Mum’s currently buying Panadol in bulk from Coscto. If you want us, we’ll be ordering the family meal in the Denyer Wing of the hospital.”

Worried fans were quick to send their best wishes to the family, with one writing: “Wow you guys need a break.”

Another added: “Oh heck.. That’s no good.. Poor bub. Has her dad’s luck it seems.. Much love.”

And a third wrote: “Hope she’s on the mend quickly.”

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It comes after the Dancing with the Stars host was discharged from hospital last week after being confined to a bed for more than a week due to a painful bulging disc sustained during a backyard accident.

Denyer had been using a sledgehammer to knock a star picket into the ground in his paddock when the accident occurred, leaving the star in immense pain and struggling to walk or even stand.

After being bedridden for days, the presenter was eager to get back to his hosting duties and, after getting local anaesthetic and an epidural, he was finally allowed to leave hospital. However, things took a turn for the worse the following day when the incredible pain returned and Grant was rushed back to hospital.

Grant has taken to social media regularly over the past few days to update his followers on his hospital journey. Last week he took the opportunity to thank his “super hero” doctor Richard Parkinson for coming to his rescue for the second time in his life.

The father-of-two shared his admiration for the neurosurgeon who has been helping him to stand and walk without too much pain, 10 years after he first helped the star to recover from a horrific monster truck accident.

“This is modern-day super hero Dr Richard Parkinson,” Grant said in an Instagram post alongside a photo of himself with the doctor.

“The talented neurosurgeon who saved me when I broke my back in a monster truck accident 10 years ago, has come to the rescue again to get me back on my feet.”

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