Celebrity Squares star Malcolm T. Elliott dies aged 73

Malcolm T. Elliott has reportedly died aged 73. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Australian radio personality Malcolm T. Elliott, best known for his starring role on game show Celebrity Squares, has reportedly died aged 73, according to 7News.

The radio personality made a name for himself in the 1970s and ’90s hosting a number of popular breakfast shows on 2UW, 2GB and 2UE.

Leading the tributes to Malcolm was 7News reporter Jason Morrison, who shared his thoughts on the late radio star.

Taking to social media to express his sadness at Malcolm’s passing, the reporter posted a series of photos of the entertainer with a moving message.

“Malcolm T Elliott was a big figure in Sydney radio,” he wrote. “A great entertainer and fearless, sometimes a bit too fearless! He got into strife a fair bit for things he did and said but always had the listener wondering what he’d do next. Never dull or predictable.”

Meanwhile, many fans also took social media to pay their respects, with one writing: “Breakfast radio on 2UW in the 70s was the best. Malcolm T Elliott and Peter Shanahan made my morning drives to work an absolute blast. Great memories. RIP Malcolm.”

Another added: “Very Sad to hear part of my childhood. God Bless Malcolm T Elliott.”

While a third wrote: “Very Sad to hear part of my childhood. God Bless Malcolm T Elliott.”

“Hearing of the death of #MalcolmTElliott answers a question I asked a colleague in the past week. He’s left a large footprint on Australian #radio & #tv,” another commentator added.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the media personality “battled health problems for the past few years”. He reportedly had five heart by-passes in 2004 and had a heart Ablation and was fitted with a pacemaker in 2015.

Did you watch Celebrity Squares? Were you a fan of Malcolm T. Elliott? Do you have a message for his family?

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