Forget the chores! Cass Thorburn reveals modern pocket money system for kids

Cassandra Thorburn shared how much she gives her kids in pocket money each week. Source: Getty

Receiving a couple of shilling in pocket money to purchase a treat at the store each week was a highlight for many growing up, with some trying to stretch the small sum as far as they could while others chose to save it up in the piggy bank.

However, it seems things have changed since Baby Boomers were children, with TV host Cassandra Thorburn revealing the surprising and quite generous amount of cash she gives her children.

Speaking about paying kids for doing chores around the house during a segment of Studio 10 on Thursday, the mother-of-three claimed she refuses to pay for them to pull their weight, but she does gift kids Jackson, River and Ava a set amount of pocket money, The Daily Mail reports.

“I give them pocket money based on their age,” Cassandra explained on the show. “Like, if you’re 12, you get $12 a week. That’s what I’ve always done.”

The 48-year-old went on to say that the pocket money isn’t for doing chores around the home and her children are expected to help out when asked without any reward.

“I don’t put money to chores,” she confirmed according to The Daily Mail. “I do ask them to do things. And they are expected to do things. But the whole bribery thing. No. Nah. It just doesn’t work.”

While the amount Cassandra pays her kids may be far higher than what Baby Boomers received as children, according to a report released late last year that is nothing compared to what some Aussie parents are dishing out.

A survey conducted by the Financial Planning Association found some teenagers are earning as much as $40 a week, with even those under 10-years-old adding $10 a week to their savings by completing basic chores.

The study, published by Share the Dream, analysed a total of 1000 parents with the shocking figures revealing that nine to 13-year-olds are earning between $5 to $19 of pocket money a week, while older teenagers are taking claim to between $10 and $39 for their efforts around the house.

Discussing the topic on the Today Show at the time, host David Campbell posed the question to parents whether $40 is too much and questioned how the amount compares to what they received themselves when they were younger.

Baby Boomers were quick to jump in on the chat, with many remembering just how little they received for the gruelling chores they helped out with each week.

“We got our 20C for the movies every Saturday but any extra needed we got from collecting glass soft drink bottles from the neighbours. We just had to do our jobs. No other choice,” one person commented on the Facebook post.

While another simply said: “None, I did housework because you just did.”

Did you ever receive pocket money as a child? How much money do you think kids should get?

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