Carrie Bickmore reveals parenting struggles and post-natal depression fears

Carrie Bickmore has revealed the difficulties faced following the birth of her third child Adelaide. Source: Instagram/ Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore may appear to have it all together with her happy and bubbly personality often on display but the mother-of-three has revealed the challenges faced since welcoming baby Adelaide into the world.

In a column shared in Stellar Magazine, The Project host admitted it hasn’t been a walk in the park since the birth of the baby girl in December with fears she was suffering from post-natal depression.

Speaking openly about the ups and downs of parenting, Carrie said the newborn stage with her beautiful third child has been “one of the most challenging periods” of her parenting life.

The 38-year-old explained the first few months with Adelaide have been a struggle as the gorgeous bub suffered with bad reflux.

“I realise now I had it pretty easy during the newborn phase with my other two kids,” Carrie wrote in the column.

The doting mum explained that poor Adelaide demanded a lot of attention at times due to the reflux meaning she was living off very little sleep.

Carrie said although she knew many parents were facing much bigger challenges without any support at all she found it hard to keep it together, especially when her partner Chris was away.

The mother detailed one time back in February when Chris went on a one night boys’ trip with her eldest child Ollie when things were extremely tough.

“I proclaimed I’d be fine without Chris, but by midnight, after spending three hours trying to get our non-compliant three-year-old to bed while jiggling Addie who was extremely unsettled, my anxiety hit somewhere near boiling point,” the column in Stellar Magazine read.

Carrie said she felt trapped at home and was desperate for a break. It got to the point where the mum was so stressed she sent Chris a series of text messages explaining how distraught she was.

In one the mum admitted, “I can’t do this on my own tonight”, while in another she claimed, “I’m worried I may be getting postnatal depression.”

Thankfully Carrie explained after a phone call from Chris her anxiety dropped and she was able to power through another day.

However, despite the challenges the mum said she still feels lucky to have her family. In a message to other parents Carrie explained it does get easier.

“I sent a giant fist pump to all families currently in the trenches,” she wrote. “I wish you calmer times ahead. Keep telling yourself: the nights are long but the years are short.”

Can you relate to what Carrie Bickmore said? Did you struggle in the newborn stages with your children?

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