Carrie Bickmore mourns the loss of two grandparents in a week

Carrie Bickmore took to social media on Monday to confirm two of her beloved grandparents passed away within a week of each other. Source:

Losing a loved one can be difficult at the best of times but for Carrie Bickmore, she’s mourning the loss of two close family members who sadly passed away within a week of each other.

On Monday, The Project star took to her Instagram page to inform her 609,000 followers that her beloved grandfather and grandmother had passed away. The grandparents were on seperate sides of the family.

“Farewelling second grandparent in a week,” she wrote alongside a photograph of a casket and flower arrangement. “My poppa was 90 and my nana on the other side was 97. Incredible innings.”

The star explained that she was sad but was thankful she got to spend a lot of her adult life with her grandparents.

“Feeling emotional but also so grateful to have had all my grandparents into my 30’s [SIC]. They have taught us so much and loved us unconditionally,” the 38-year-old continued. “Here’s to grandparents everywhere.”

The star also explained that her sister, Claudia Jenkins, had arranged the flowers for the funeral. On her own Instagram page, Claudia revealed the special conversation she had with her grandmother about flowers before she passed away.

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“Just before she went to heaven we had a conversation about flowers – I assumed because my father was a Protea grower and he always gave Nanna one, that her favourite was Proteas too,” she explained. “No she corrected me it was in fact red roses and yellow Gerbras – so here is the start of what will be your huge casket spray Nanna.”

Claudia also paid tribute to her grandmother in the post.

“We will miss your giggle and smile and your stories of tears [SIC] gone by,” she continued. “You have left a huge impact on all our lives and we will forever be grateful for all that is you.”

Another comment read: “Lots of love!! My heart is heavy for your family. Hope that you are all reminded of special memories over the next few weeks. My Nan was in her 90s when she passed this week was a year anniversary and I sat with her the night before she passed and the last time she spoke and was awake…..I miss her but so grateful too.”

A third added: “Losing grandparents is the absolute worst – lost all of mine by the time I was 20. Love ya lots Carrie – they’ll always be with you.”

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Do you have a message for Carrie and her family? How do you cope with the loss of a loved one?

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