‘Left the marriage’: Cameron Daddo admits cheating on wife in honest blog post

Cameron Daddo married Alison Brahe in 1991 and they have three children together. Source: Getty

Australian actor and TV personality Cameron Daddo has revealed he cheated on Alison Brahe, his wife of nearly three decades.

The 54-year-old’s confession came during a blog post for website The Fatherhood, an online community portal for dads. While the couple are still together and have worked through their problems, the SmoothFM host admitted there was a time he was unfaithful when he was acting in the United States earlier in his career.

Daddo explained in the piece that the key to making a marriage work is communication and when this doesn’t happen, that’s when a relationship can “fall apart”. He said after his infidelity, which occurred around 20 years ago, honesty was the best policy to fixing things. It was important for him to understand why he cheated and what the need for it was.

“In my case, I was the one that left the marriage,” the actor explained.

The singer and actor said both he and his wife had counselling after she found out, but said it was a combination of alcohol and feeling alone that made him feel distant from his partner and cheat on her in the first place.

“But when I acted out in that way, I didn’t really want to be there,” he said. “There were reasons how I got into that place.”

Getting his marriage back on track took a lot of work and he admitted both he and Brahe were willing to make things work. Still, he admitted infidelity meant his marriage “can never been the same” and that cheating on his wife “set off an atomic bomb” when she found out.

“Don’t try to make your relationship what it was before, because it will never be that way again,” he said. “But it can be something new, something that you grow from.”

Daddo and Brahe married in 1991 are the parents to 22-year-old Lotus, River Tru, 18, and Bodhi Faith, 13. Earlier in the piece, he also explained that during tough financial times when he moved the family to the US, he ended up living in an office he built at the back of the family home for three months because his kids told him he was grouchy. He also saw a psychologist during this time and said he shut out a lot of people, including his wife and children.

He now hosts evenings on SmoothFM and has acted, produced and directed for film and television in the past.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever had a partner cheat on you? How did you react?

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