‘You liar’: Tomic denies threatening Hewitt as public row continues

Bernard Tomic's father John has threatened legal action against Lleyton Hewitt as row continues between tennis stars. Source: Getty

Bernard Tomic has called Lleyton Hewitt a “liar”, after the Davis Cup captain accused him of threatening his family.

Hewitt sensationally accused his fellow tennis star of blackmailing him and making threats against him and his family during a televised press conference on Thursday.

But Tomic denied Hewitt’s claims in an interview with the Herald Sun on Friday and said he never threatened the veteran player’s family.

“To think how low of a person you actually and [it’s] why the Australian public never liked you,” Tomic said. “I got nothing to do with your family and I don’t care what’s wrong with you, you liar.”

Hewitt had said on Thursday after his Australian Open doubles exit that he had fallen out with the 26-year-old over what the two-time grand slam winner described as “blackmail threats and physical [threats]”.

From claiming Tomic has levelled a series of threats (some physical) against him and his family over the last 18 months, to alleging Tomic blackmailed him by threatening not to play the Davis Cup, Hewitt held little back in his answers to reporters.

“It was probably the abuse I copped,” Hewitt said in the press conference. “In the end I drew a line in the sand. He won’t play Davis Cup while I have anything to do with it.”

Hewitt added: “I just think threats that I’ve received for me and my family – that I’ve had for a year and a half now – I don’t think that anyone would reach out to a person that speaks like that.”

When asked whether he had received physical threats, Hewitt replied: “Both. Blackmail threats and physical.”

And when asked by reporters to specify the nature of the blackmail, Hewitt claimed Tomic had threatened not to play the Davis Cup.

It comes after Tomic himself used his exiting press conference with the media on Monday to slam Hewitt.

“It’s all Lleyton. I’m going to say it honestly – no one likes him anymore,” he told reporters in a video published by 7 News. “He’s just doing the wrong thing. He’s playing Davis Cup. I thought he retired.

“He’s playing all these matches and stuff like this. You know what I mean? I did a little bit of work with him a couple of years ago. He used to hate Tennis Australia. It’s weird. And now he loves them. What’s happened here?”

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