Aussie woman captures shocking footage of python devouring huge frogmouth

An Aussie woman witnessed a carpet python attempting to eat a tawny frogmouth. Source: Getty

An Aussie woman has revealed her shock after getting a nasty surprise while enjoying her morning coffee on her verandah, as a giant python caught and devoured a huge tawny frogmouth right above her head.

New South Wales resident Nicola Moore captured the moment the two animals were caught up in a battle to the death, outside her home in Crescent Head in the state’s mid north coast.

The shocking video shows the carpet python slowly devouring its morning meal, despite the huge size of the bird making it seem almost impossible at first glance.

“Just sitting drinking the morning coffee when I looked over my head… A carpet python eating a tawny frogmouth,” she wrote alongside a number of startling photos.

In one image the python’s jaw can be seen reaching right around the head of the bird as the two dangle from the roof, while in another the snake’s body is curled around its prey tightly.

Nicola continued to update her followers on the shock sighting, sharing a collection of videos of the snake continuing to grip onto the bird.

“Got up for a peaceful morning cuppa on the back verandah and noticed a few feathers lying around,” she commented on her post. “Looked up and this was a metre from my head! Thank goodness this two metre long snake had already caught it’s breakfast.”

She added: “I have never been less scared of a snake in my life. He is not interested in us today.”

While Nicola wasn’t too phased by the encounter, others didn’t seem too keen on coming face to face with the massive reptile. The video, which has since been shared right across Facebook, attracted plenty of attention from Australians and those overseas with most claiming they would have been petrified if they were in Nicola’s position.

“Holy cow! Wild kingdom right outside your window,” one person wrote on the post.

“Oh my gosh, I would have freaked out!” another exclaimed.

While a third didn’t appear interested in travelling to the Land Down Under as they said: “Just got took ‘visit Nicola’ off my bucket list! In Kenya I listened to jaguars crunching down on impala bones. That was enough.”

Have you ever encountered anything like this? How would you have reacted if you were in Nicola’s position?

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