Parents of girl killed by truck slammed for letting her walk from school alone

Carla Neems, 6, was killed by a truck when on her way home from school in New Zealand. Her parents have now been slammed for allowing her to take the journey from school alone. Source: Givealittle

The heartbroken parents of a young girl killed by a rubbish truck on her way home from school have been slammed for allowing the six-year-old to take the journey without adult supervision.

A coroner has now hit out at mum Fiona and dad Dion for letting their daughter ride her scooter home by herself, or under the supervision of her older siblings aged eight and 10, describing the act as “unacceptable”.

Releasing his findings into Carla’s tragic death on Wednesday, Tim Scott said children that age should be accompanied by an adult, even in the case of Carla who had to travel just 450 metres from the school grounds and cross only two roads on her way home.

“I do not accept that it was acceptable for Carla to go to and from school in the care of her older siblings – and part of the way home alone,” Scott said according to Stuff. “The siblings were too young to be vested with that responsibility.”

On the day of the accident Carla had reached her family’s property when the driver of a truck parked halfway across the driveway moved the vehicle forward, having not seen the little girl. She had been accompanied by an older friend for the majority of the journey but was alone for the last 100 metres.

It was revealed by the coroner that the driver may not have made all the necessary checks before moving the truck, but also claimed there could have been a blind spot that meant they had not noticed little Carla, Stuff reports.

Scott slammed the parents for not abiding by guidelines for scooter use by Safe Kids which recommends children in Year 4 and below be accompanied by an adult when they ride.  However, Carla’s father Dion has hit back, claiming there are many kids out there who travel to and from school alone or just with their older siblings.

“There are kids like Carla walking to school every day with their older siblings just as she was,” he said according to Stuff. “What do we do about that going forward? Are primary school going to turn around and say it’s a mandatory requirement that all children are escorted to school by adults? Is that what we’re saying?”

Do you think children should be accompanied by an adult at all times when travelling to and from school? Did you walk to school alone as a child?

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