‘Live every moment’: Elderly women share moving advice to their younger selves

Elderly women in the UK explained what advice they would give to their younger selves, as part of a video created by Care UK. Source: Twitter/ Care UK

A group of older women in the United Kingdom have shared some moving words of wisdom for their younger selves as part of an inspirational video shared in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

The group of 12 stepped before cameras for the Care UK production to share the advice they’d give to their younger selves in the hopes of encouraging young women of today to follow their dreams and make the most out of their lives.

The motivational speeches from the ladies, aged between 82 and 93, had an overwhelming focus on being yourself and enjoying life to the full, with most women advising to trust yourself and strive for your dreams.

Margaret Crowther, 91, gave a short but sweet response to the question simply saying: “Make sure you know what you want to do, and be determined to do it.” Meanwhile, 82-year-old Anne Gallagher echoed her message adding: “Go for it, go for what you want to do – and give it your best shot.”

The ladies also suggested a need for more compassion and humanity, with 87-year-old Rita Atkinson saying she’d advise women of today: “Always be truthful, and most of all, always be kind and understanding”.

Mary Scates, 92, agreed with Rita’s recommendations for young people, claiming honesty is the best policy. “Be honest to other people, to yourself – just be yourself,” she said in the moving video. “Enjoy yourself, without doing any harm to anybody else.”

Whereas 85-year-old Pam Alleyne said the most important life lesson was to remember that life is too short. She explained her advice to her younger self would be to: “Live every moment and take each day as it comes, because nobody knows how long we’ve got.”

International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1911 as a way to acknowledge women’s achievements while calling for a more gender-balanced world. It has maintained its significance throughout the globe since then with women of all ages gathering together on March 8 to pay tribute to females who have inspired them.

Speaking out about the recent video, which has garnered a lot of attention online, Care UK Marketing Director Jacqui White explained the meaning behind the project and importance of recognising how the world has changed.

“It was wonderful to hear about the lives of women who have lived through a social revolution, witnessing the changing attitude towards equality – but also to hear that the attitude of determination was fiercely alive in these women at a time when equality wasn’t a given,” she said.

“Researching, filming and watching the video has been a really valuable reminiscence activity prompting lots of interesting conversations in our homes. It’s been wonderful for residents to share their life experiences and memories, and we hope young women today agree that their wisdom is valuable and inspiring.”

What do you think of the women’s responses? What advice would you give your younger self?

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