Forget sausage sizzles, Bunnings Warehouse sends shoppers wild with new homewares and kitchens range

Bunnings Warehouse launched their highly-anticipated Smart Homes Products range last month. Source: Instagram - Bunnings Warehouse

While Bunnings Warehouse is already loved by Aussies for its extensive range of DIY products, household fittings and – most importantly – sausage sizzles, they’re now taking on the likes of Kmart, Big W and Coles with the launch of the store’s first ever homewares range.  It lands on the back of their popular Bunnings Warehouse Kitchens ranges.

From stylish cushions to woven throws and storage baskets, their highly-anticipated Smart Homes Products range, which launched last month, is already a hit with shoppers and people have been going mad for it online ever since.

A number of customers have taken to social media to praise the hardware store company’s new range, with one excited shopper writing: “Loving the new homewares.” While another added: “Congratulations Bunnings!!! Fabulous new products.”

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And if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, the new range includes a vast variety of affordable and on-trend homewares.

That’s right, shoppers can now pick up cushions, priced at $9 each, and a selection of throw rugs in six colours, priced at $11.98 each.

Bunnings is also selling a variety of storage items, including ottomans starting at $15, and a whole bunch of baskets, great for storing bits and bobs.

If you’re after something a little bit more fancy, the retailer is also selling larger furnishing items including a stylish Hartman Bali Relax chair, priced at $249, and a free-standing garment rack, which is priced at $75.

Meanwhile, it comes just a few months after the company made headlines with its range of easy-build houses which can be constructed in a matter of weeks and don’t break the bank.

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With six designs to choose from, the Bunnings Clever Living Co. homes contain everything you need to live comfortably, ranging in size from around 60 square metres for a two bedroom house, to 106 square metres for a home with four bedrooms.

Unlike normal houses which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, these creative flat-pack homes only come in at about NZ$69,131 (AU$65,300) for the smaller option, or as much as NZ$113,541 (AU$107,249) for the larger home.

The six options differ in size and style, however they all contain at least two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living and kitchen area, while the bigger ones also have a laundry and a dining room.

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Will you be shopping at Bunnings for your homewares? Or are you a dedicated Kmart or Big W fan?

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