Chilling letter reveals father’s plans to kill wife, kids and mother-in-law

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Anthony Robert Harvey admitted killing his wife (left), kids and mother-in-law. Source: Facebook/Mara Quinn.

Disturbing details of how a man planned to kill his entire family before hiding their bodies for a week have been revealed in court, with the father allegedly writing in a chilling journal entry that he planned to embrace his “darkness and animal instincts”.

Perth man Anthony Robert Harvey, 25, has previously pleaded guilty to killing his wife Mara, 41, three-year-old daughter Charlotte, two-year-old twins Alice and Beatrix and his mother-in-law Beverley Quinn, 73, in September last year.

Now a court has heard shocking details of how he violently killed each of them before pretending they were alive for a week afterwards.

According to The Australian, the sentencing hearing in the West Australian Supreme Court was told that Harvey purchased the weapons before his family’s deaths, before writing a journal entry about his plans on the day itself.

Prosecutor Amanda Forrester SC claimed in court that the series of journal entries were proof the killings were premeditated.

She claimed that some of the entries referred to Harvey’s “options”, including “leaving unannounced”, “seeking a divorce and “making entire family disappear” – with another even stating he could “eliminate family and embezzle funds”.

The entries reportedly read: “I must disconnect myself from the anxiety, depression and utter pointlessness of this society.”

More notes added: “I must embrace my darkness and my animal instincts. I must do the unthinkable… I am no psycho, I feel, I feel too much, I care too much…

“I will regret what I do but I doubt I will be alive very long… I have a good job, I own a small business. I’m not rich but far from poor… We live in a lively small house but that will all have to go.”

While one note is claimed to have stated: “Tonight I will kill my wife, bludgeon her to death then smother my children. I will go on the run, then the real hunting begins.”

The court reportedly heard how Harvey went on to bludgeon his wife with an iron bar when she returned home from work, before stabbing her repeatedly in the back with a large hunting knife.

The prosecution claimed he then used a smaller knife to kill his three children in their beds, with little Charlotte allegedly stabbed 38 times. He had reportedly claimed that he used the smaller knife because “they were just little girls”.

Shockingly, the court heard he then covered them with doonas and placed flowers and toys around them, the Australian reports.

The following morning, Harvey then bludgeoned and stabbed his mother-in-law when she came round to the house as planned to look after the kids.

“My position is that he should not have any hope of release – that this is a rare circumstance where the nature of the offending is such that that should be removed,” Forrester said in court, according to the Mail Online.

According to multiple news outlet, the court was told that Harvey then stayed in the house with the bodies for days – sending lying messages to his wife’s employer to explain her absence while selling items online and transferring money between accounts.

He also allegedly left a note at the scene which read: “To my beautiful wife, I’m so sorry. I would give anything to undo what I’ve done… You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I think I’ve lost my mind. I remember what I’ve done but there is no reason behind it. Take care of those little girls like you always do.”

The court was told he then finally drove 1400km to the Pilbara town of Pannawonica where his parents lived, telling them what he did and prompting his father to call the police for him to turn himself in.

Forrester asked Justice Hall in court for a sentence that would prevent Harvey from ever being released. However, the defence argued that Harvey had shown “some remorse” for his actions.

Meanwhile, a psychiatrist reportedly described Harvey as having “high-functioning autism” and “deficits in his empathy skills”. He is set to be sentenced on July 19.

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