Balls to that! Valentine’s macarons go viral for the wrong reason

The baker shared her baking fail on Twitter in a post that has since gone viral. Source: Emma Plummer/Twitter

We’ve all had our fair share of cooking fails, but one self-taught baker from the United States takes the cake for funniest baking fail ever.

Emma Plummer has made headlines around the world after her attempt at making heart-shaped macarons went hilariously wrong. She was baking the sweet treats in preparation for Valentine’s Day, but her designs ended up looking like something else.

“I had my batter and I was following the template but I didn’t really know what I was doing,” Emma told BuzzFeed News. “I was like, wow these are not looking that great.”

With their skin-coloured appearance, the 23-year-old thought the macarons actually looked more like male genitalia than the innocent heart-shaped treats she’s intended. Emma posted a photo of her hilarious baking efforts on Twitter, with the caption: “I tried to make hearts and they turned out like ballsacks.”

The tweet received a flurry of likes and comments, with fellow tweeters sharing details of their own cooking stuff-ups.

“Completes my croissant,” @mariahjcoburn wrote, alongside a rather funny photo of a croissant.

@Baker1987Sarah added: “Don’t worry, I failed spectacularly in my attempt to make cinnamon elephant ears.”

Others suggested she make them again for hens parties while some thought the blunder wasn’t that bad.

“I would still buy these for Valentine’s Day,”@maddymay3495 wrote. @FlertDevious added: “They’ll go great with tea.”

Another tweeter thought the macarons looked like something else entirely. “They also make pretty looking bums of ladies sitting,” @KiwiWhero wrote.

It’s not the first time an X-rated word or image has been misinterpreted in a cake masterpiece. In 2018, a bakery from Minnesota in the US made headlines around the world when a photo of one of its quirky creations was shared on Facebook.

Nadia Cakes uploaded a photograph of a pink cake to its Facebook page that was known as a geode rock cake and meant to look like a geode rock. With its pink appearance though, many thought the cake actually looked more like female genitalia than rocks.

Instead of becoming a PR nightmare, the bakery got in on the joke, posting an array of sassy responses to the thousands of people who joked about the cake’s controversial appearance.

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Have you made a hilarious baking blunder before?

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