Aussie mum’s ‘taco pies’ recipe goes wild

The taco pie recipe only requires six ingredients. Source: Facebook

If you’re hard-pressed for creative dinner ideas, one Aussie mum has shared an inventive recipe using a pie maker – and it’s surprisingly easy to make.

Sharing a snap of her taco pie recipe to the ‘Kmart Pie Maker Recipes’ Facebook group, a mum-of-three from Victoria wowed fellow members of the group with the easy 12-minute, six-ingredient recipe.

She created the dish using puff pastry, leftover taco mince, sour cream, sliced avocado, fresh chilli and cheese. The cooking process is quite simple and involves lining the pie maker with puff pastry first, filling with the ingredients then placing another layer of pastry on top.

Her post attracted more than 700 likes, with many members of the group describing the idea as “brilliant”.

One member commented: “I’ll be making a double batch of taco mince next and save half for this idea!”

Others were quick to share their own variation of taco pies, with one member commenting: “They are amazing made with wraps and no lid, instead you pile on toppings.”

Another added: “I do a puff pastry base, add meat and cheese and then close the lid and cook. When done I add fresh ingredients – tomato, lettuce, avocado [or] sour cream.”

While another shared an alternate suggestion: “I’ve been making these for years – they are great [and] I also do chicken stroganoff pies.”

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