Anita Cobby’s widower discovers he was staying in same hospital as wife’s killer

Anita Cobby's widower John Cobby was being treated in the same hospital as one of his wife's killers Gary Murphy, and didn't know it.

The widower of nurse Anita Cobby, who was brutally murdered in 1986, has claimed he “would have tried to do something” to killer Gary Murphy if he’d known they had been staying at the same hospital.

John had stayed at the facility in Sydney for over a week recently while Murphy was also being treated at the hospital after being attacked in a New South Wales prison.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, John said as a former nurse of the hospital he knows the layout of the facility well and would have tracked down Murphy if he was aware the killer was there.

“It’s just as well I didn’t know or I would have tried to do something,” he explained to the publication.

“I have dreamt for years and still do about killing them. It never goes away.”

The news comes after Murphy was seen for the first time in more than three decades as he was transferred back to prison weeks after being brutally bashed.

In footage shared online by various media outlets, the convicted killer looked frail and downcast in a matching green tracksuit, with his hands tied firmly together.

Murphy was one of five men arrested for the kidnapping, brutal sexual assault and murder of Anita in Blacktown, western Sydney in 1986. The nurse and former beauty pageant winner was attacked while walking home from the train station in February after having dinner with friends.

Two days after she was reported missing, her body was discovered on a rural farm in Prospect, not far from Blacktown.

Cobby suffered severe broken bones from the savage bashing and was raped repeatedly before being dragged along a barbed wire fence. She was eventually killed by a slit to the throat that almost left her decapitated.

While her estranged husband was initially a suspect he was quickly cleared and the hunt was on for Murphy, his brothers Les and Gary, along with John Travers and Michael Murdoch.

With a history of violence the five were tracked down quickly by police and arrested only weeks later with secret tapes of the men confessing to murder leading to their sentence of life imprisonment. Murphy was 33-years-old when taken into custody.

The gorgeous brunette’s death has gone down in history as one of the most brutal and publicised murders in Australia. Her death caused outrage throughout the country and changed the way people viewed violence against women.

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