Teen thug who brutally attacked grandma, 78, is ‘bashed in prison’

Brendan Lee Burton was reportedly bashed in prison over two years after attacking his elderly neighbour Anita Christanga. Source: Twitter/ 7 News Sydney

A teenage criminal who brutally bashed a 78-year-old grandmother, leaving her terribly injured just months before she passed away, has been left with a broken jaw after being involved in a fight behind bars, it has been claimed.

Anita Christanga was attacked and robbed by then 18-year-old Brendan Lee Burton two years ago at her home in western Sydney and tragically died four months later, 7 News reports.

While Burton initially claimed he was asleep at the time of the attack, he has since confessed to the crime on his elderly neighbour and charged with two counts of causing grievous bodily harm and committing a serious offence.

The news comes just days after the family of Anita spoke out about the immensity of their loss and distress following the attack on the grandmother in January 2017.

“She should have been safe in her house but she wasn’t.”

The bashing was so severe that the grandmother was left with six broken ribs, a broken nose, eye sockets and teeth, while she was also found with gaping facial wounds and bleeding on her brain.

She tragically died four months later, however, it could not be proven that this was because of her injuries sustained during the attack.

“In order to prove her death you need the cause or link I guess for that and unfortunately it hasn’t happened in this case,” Anita’s daughter-in-law Jelena Christanga told reporters outside the court recently.

“She [Anita] suffered quite a lot from that assault.”

Shocked staff at the Commonwealth Bank called an ambulance immediately once they saw Anita, while police reportedly discovered blood spattered across her bedroom walls and the floor.

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