‘He doesn’t give into fear’: Amanda Keller praises beloved co-host Barry Du Bois

Amanda Keller has spoken out about her beloved The Living Room co-star Barry Du Bois. Source: Getty

Television presenter Amanda Keller has spoken out about her beloved The Living Room co-star Barry Du Bois, who is still battling cancer two years after his diagnosis.

“He doesn’t give into fear. He tells you there’s something going on but he’s fine… it’s only when I saw the bigger picture that I got frightened for him to be honest,” she told the publication.

“He’s the strongest person in the world and there’s no space for fear in his life. He gets up every day and he feels the most blessed man in the world, and that gift he gives to other people.

“What a gift it is for us to see how to live in the midst of what must be terrifying. Millions of us can learn from Barry.”

Barry was diagnosed with plasmacytoma myeloma — cancer of the immune system — in 2017 for the second time, after first battling it in 2010, and he’s since shared regular updates on his journey with his Aussie fans to inspire others to remain positive amid their own health battles.

Barry previously spoke about his illness in an exclusive chat with Starts at 60, revealing he doesn’t currently require any chemo or radiotherapy, but is undergoing an experimental treatment to “fill in some holes that were once tumours in bones”.

“I’m on an ongoing experimental treatment, which they’re punching away with, but treatment is as much about the things you do as it is medicine,” he explained. “My diet is in great shape, I’m getting great exercise, I’m having great conversations with beautiful people which is great for my brain.”

Praising the constant support of his children and wife, he then added: “I’ve [also] got my beautiful friends on the Living Room … Your brain and psyche have to be in good shape, your gut has to be in good shape as well, [and] your muscles have to be in good shape.”

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