‘I do believe her’: Alan Jones backs Pauline Hanson over NRA links

Radio host Alan Jones went head to head with Australian journalist Margo Kingston on Friday night. Source: Getty

Alan Jones has backed Pauline Hanson following her statement that her comments during the documentary How to Sell a Massacre were edited.

The radio host went head to head with Australian journalist Margo Kingston in a heated exchange during the ABC’s Campaign Trail program on Friday night.

During the heated debate, Kingston sensationally accused Jones of engaging in a smear campaign against Al Jazeera, after he sided with Pauline Hanson and criticised the documentary.

“The statement was quite credible,” he said. “[Pauline Hanson] made it quite clear, and I do believe her, that many overtures were made to her by this fellow [the undercover journalist Rodger Muller] allegedly on behalf of the National Rifle Association to go to America to address some sportsman’s conference.

“She also made it quite clear that she rejected those overtures but they kept coming, so she chose to send two of her own people over there. At no time did she accept money.”

Kingston, in turn, accused Jones, adding: “It was formed by senior journalists around the world, it complies with the BBC code of ethics.

“This was a genuine undercover investigation by an extremely senior journalist in which One Nation asked if he could help them get to the NRA and give donations.

“This sort of smear that you engage in all the time is ludicrous. I’ve called you out on your lies, and you can’t take it, simple.

Hanson initially broke her silence on Thursday as she fronted the media in Brisbane, standing shoulder to shoulder with her Chief of Staff James Ashby and Queensland leader Steve Dickson following what has been a tumultuous week for One Nation.

The party founder vowed to stick by the pair following the release of episode one of the Al-Jazeera documentary How to Sell A Massacre earlier this week, which featured clips of Ashby and Dickson appearing to lobby for cash donations from the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) to water down Australia’s gun laws.

The party was then hit by further scandal when the second part of the documentary was aired on the ABC on Thursday evening, which showed Pauline herself apparently suggesting that the 1996 Port Arthur massacre was a conspiracy theory.

The footage sparked a fierce backlash and Hanson, who has reportedly been ill due to a tick bite, finally delivered a press conference yesterday in which she slammed Al Jazeera, which she branded an Islamist organisation, along with the ABC, ahead of the second part of the documentary which is due to air tonight.

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