Blender horror! ABC journo lucky to have fingers after gruesome kitchen accident

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The Lateline host shared the news on Twitter on Monday morning. Source: Twitter/Emma Alberici.

ABC journalist Emma Alberici revealed she almost lost her fingers on her right hand after suffering a gruesome kitchen mishap involving a stick blender.

The Lateline host shared the horrifying news on Twitter on Monday morning, advising her followers to exercise caution when cleaning sharp kitchen appliances after severing her fingers over the weekend.

Alberici was lucky though and surgeons at Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital were able to save all of the 49-year-old’s digits, leaving her with a heavily-bandaged hand after undergoing surgery.

“Advice: Don’t put fingers in stick blender blade to wash it while it’s still plugged in to the power,” she wrote. “Fingers survived thanks to the incredible work of surgeon & team at Prince of Wales Hospital.

“Forever grateful we live in a country so blessed with world class medical treatment.”

Alongside the post, Alberici shared a series of photographs which showed her hooked up to numerous machines as she lay in a hospital bed, and another of her showing off the bandages and sling on her injured hand.

However the most grisly image was one of the stick blender that caused her injuries, as eagle-eyed fans noticed a smear of blood on the switch on the power outlet.

One wrote: “Solid advice. Sounds horrendous… get well soon.” Another said: “So glad to see you are now up and ok. That all sounds horrific. Do take care and get well soon.”

While a third commented: “Oh no!!! Emma – so sorry. Please take care. & experiences such as this makes you realise how lucky we are to have the health system we do. Some want to undermine it – so it’s worth fighting for. Glad you can still tweet.”

Alberici previously made headlines after she was embroiled in the email leak scandal that rocked the public service broadcaster last September.

Former chairman Justin Milne resigned from his role at the ABC after it emerged that he had called for Alberici to be sacked, having received a complaint about her work from then-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Milne, who is a former business partner of Turnbull, announced his resignation following public outcry, which was sparked by the publication of an email he sent to ousted Managing Director Michelle Guthrie by Fairfax.

According to reports at the time, the email read: “They [the government] hate her. We are tarred with her brush. I think it’s simple. Get rid of her. We need to save the ABC – not Emma. There is no guarantee they [the Coalition] will lose the next election.”

Have you ever suffered as serious injury in the kitchen? Do you have a ‘get well soon’ message for Emma?

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