Trick to peeling garlic without touching it

No need for that lingering garlic smell.

There are a few tasks associated with cooking that we all hate to do. Peeling smelly foods like garlic an onion, just to name a couple. 

Peeling garlic can be an extremely smelly task; you end up with garlic all over your hands and it’s very fiddly. Unfortunately, that fragrance that we love in our food isn’t so pleasant when it’s lingering on your fingers (or your breath for that matter, but that’s another issue). 

This amazing life hack, however, will change how you peel garlic in the future.

Simply take an empty glass jar, like a jam jar for example and put a piece of garlic in. Start to shake the jar so the piece of garlic is bouncing around in there against the sides, and you’ll see the outside skin start to fall off.

The cloves inside will be separated but you aren’t finished yet.

Keep shaking and before your eyes, the skins on the garlic cloves will fall off as well and you’ll be left with nicely peeled little pieces, ready to crush or cook!

It’s as easy as that!

Do you have any other super kitchen hacks you’ve come across? Tell us in the comments below!

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