Innovative cleaning hack leaves window blinds sparkling

Cleaning blinds will become easy by creating the perfect tool using microfibre cloths and some tongs. Source: Getty

It is often dubbed one of the most hated cleaning jobs for many around the world, with the frustrating act of wiping away dust on window blinds often put to the side for another day in hopes someone else will take on the task.

Using a single cloth can be time consuming, sometimes taking hours on end to produce a sparkling clean result, so it’s not a surprise that it’s ignored for lengthy periods.

Sadly though that means the build up of dirt and grime only increases making the task that much more infuriating when it’s finally time to give in and scrub away.

But fear not, there is a much easier way to leave blinds looking picture perfect and all you need is a pair of tongs, a couple of microfibre dust cloths and around four rubber bands.

The first step is to wrap the cloths around each side of the tongs and secure them in place with the rubber bands. Next, place the tongs around an individual blind. With a smooth swipe of the blind, the dust is gone, just like magic.

One by one, you can clean the blinds with ease, leaving them looking as if no spec of dust ever existed. Of course, if you haven’t cleaned the blinds for a while the dust build up can be quite extreme, so in this case it might be worthwhile to have some extra microfibre cloths on hand to change over.

If the cloths alone aren’t efficient enough, you can always use a cleaning spray as well – and if you want to be even more inventive, the so called “miracle spray” would be an excellent choice.

Members of the ‘Mums Who Clean’ Facebook group – an online group for Aussie mothers to offer support and offer advise to each other – sent the internet wild earlier this year after a member posted a recipe for an all-natural miracle spray made of five harmless and very affordable ingredients. According to Nine Honey, the user promised the spray could clean soap scum, stove top stains, grout and even dirty couches.

The recipe was reportedly found on the back of a packet of Lectric Washing Soda. A quick glance at the company’s website revealed the miracle spray recipe really is available and at a fraction of the cost of most cleaning products on the market.

“The miracle spray recipe is the perfect all natural household cleaner,” a message on the website read. “The all round super cleaner costs only around 35 cents a litre to make and replaces multiple products saving you time, space and money.”

Have you ever tried this clever cleaning hack? What have you found to be the best way to clean blinds?

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