Why you shouldn’t close your washing machine door when it’s not in use

Mar 11, 2020
There is one good reason why you should leave your washing machine door open when it's not running a cycle. Source: Getty

Have you noticed a build-up of mould in the door of your washing machine? Or perhaps a bad stench coming from it? If you answered yes, then you might be doing one small thing wrong when it comes to maintaining the appliance.

Although closing the door of your machine when it’s not in use makes the room look neater and avoids any accidents, according to one expert in the field, it’s an absolute no-go. The Aussie repair technician took to social media recently to share some cleaning tips and revealed the washing machine door should always be kept open when it’s not being used, Better Homes and Gardens reports.

It may not seem like it would make much difference, but apparently keeping it closed could cause all sorts of problems, including leaving your clothes with a foul smell.

“The first thing I tell people when I’m called out to a job is to start leaving the doors on their washing machines open when they’re not using it,” he wrote on a cleaning Facebook group, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

“Keeping it closed for hours and days on end can cause all sorts of problems. It’s the mould and grime build-up which is your biggest problem.”

While top-loader washing machines should be left open to air as well, the issue of mould build-up in doors is more common in front-loaders. This is because the appliance needs to be watertight, therefore it’s easy for dirt, bacteria and water to become clogged in the seal.

When the door is closed at all times there’s no air flow, leaving a damp environment where bacteria thrives – bad news for your clothes that you’re washing inside. But, leaving the door open isn’t the only way to reduce mould build-up.

Choice has also compiled a list of cleaning procedures you should carry out with your washing machine to keep it looking and smelling fresh. This includes giving your door seals a quick dry after each wash and leaving the detergent dispensers open to air dry, just like the door.

You should also wipe away any mould on the rubber seals as soon as you notice it with hot water and detergent, and run a hot wash once a month with a full-strength detergent to give it a thorough clean. While, you’re at it you can remove the drum and give it a good clean with hot soapy water, a sponge and a bit of elbow grease.

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Do you keep your washing machine door open when you're not using it? Did you know about this little trick?

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